Dream it, Do it & Experience the life – “To understand the life, you have to experience the life”, that the philosophy of the life.

Goal : To achieve something you have to dream for your goal and there your journey start with the objective in your hand. Unless and until you have a goal (which start when you dream for the same) you will not able to put your plan across to achieve.

Objective: Since you have the Goal in your life, you can set your objective around that, put your thoughts and make your plan so strong that it has nothing less than a success.

Planning : You can’t achieve you goad and reach to your objective until you have a proper plan on paper. Planning is something which can’t be done in day as it require great amount of brainstorming for road map of your success.

Process , the execution of your planning – Once you have set your plan ready, it need to be implemented and put the process to be followed.Even you have put your full strength and focus on the mission, it is not necessary that you will succeed because failure is something which bound to be happened and it give us the leaning to move forward.

Failure is not the outcome of any process, its another leaning which give us right direction to achieve our goal.

“Failure is nothing but a process, it is a lesson of the life which says which have not done enough to achieve your goad. The only end result is the “SUCCESS” until you achieve it, you may fail many times and take the “lesson learned” and move forward with same commitment and focus.

Remember your only target is the Goal to achieve, rest is the process in between.

People only interested to know about the “Success” or “Failure”. If you failed which means you have not tried enough, don’t rest, learn from failure and move toward success.

“If you can DREAM it, you can ACHIEVE it (The Success, The Goal, The Dream)” –Author

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