FAILURE– I have  deleted Failure word from my dictionary, Did you?

I tried searching this word on Wekipedia also, the definition never says it’s a permanent state or end result of any action or task we do which produce results. It’s an intermediate state which require action to be re-initiated again in direction with right approach, which may require much better preparation and hard work next time to achieve it. “You can’t FAIL until you SUCCEED – Failure is a Learning not End Result”

From the above statement one thing is very sure that “SUCCESS” is the only end result of any action or task we done and “FAILURE” is an intermediate state of abandon task which is not completed yet or NOT tried enough to produce the end result “SUCCESS”.

Every task/action has only one end result and that is “SUCCESS”, rest is “EXCEUSES” for not completing the task(s) with right approach, mind set and required efforts.

“Choice is yours, Action is yours, Result is yours – either you work hard till you succeed and achieve the SUCCESS or leave it as abandon and find the excuses and name it as FAILURE” – Author

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