“Opportunity does not knock, it present itself when you beat down the door.”

Why some people who have bare minimum resource available got success in life rather who have full of resources.

The reason is FOCUS, COMMITMENT & GOAL in life to achieve the success. These are the people who have single GOAL in life and have no space for the failure. They put their 100% effort on the task without any excuse.

There are hundred excuses for not putting your 100% effort on the task but is one reason to accomplish it.

There are many people who have achieve the success in life despite of lack of resource because they had single goal in their life and had put their 100% to achieve this. Read few success stories below.

Ansar Ahmad Shaikh (21 yrs old)- Auto Driver’s Son

Ansar Ahmad Shaikh has become the youngest candidate to crack the UPSC Civil Services exam at the age of 21 with an all India rank of 361 in his very first attempt in 2015. Ansar sheikh, the son of an auto-rickshaw driver and brother of a mechanic, hails from a marginalised family from the Jalna village of Maharashtra.

Despite his vulnerable economic conditions, Ansar excelled in studies from the very start and landed in the prestigious college course of B. A in Political Science, Pune. Driven by a strong will, he used to work 12 hours a day straight for three consecutive years while preparing for his UPSC exam.

He has defied all odds, including religious discrimination, to crack the most prestigious competitive UPSC examination of India. Coming from a poor conservative Muslim family, his achievement is really worth applauding. He has become a source of inspiration for many poor aspirants trying hard to make a mark in this world of cut-throat competition.

According to this budding civil servant, coming from a backward underdeveloped region and belonging to a minority community has acted more as an insight for him to study the horizontal differences that exist in the society. Moreover, his first-hand tryst with social ostracisation has also provided him with vivid solutions to such deep-rooted problems as an administrator.

Kuldeep Dwivedi (27 yrs old) IPS- Security Guard’s Son

Kuldeep Dwivedi has managed to secure an all India rank 242 in the civil service exam conducted by UPSC in 2015. Kuldeep Dwivedi, son of a security Guard at Lucknow University has proved that no obstacle is too great to stop your will to succeed. His father Surya Kant Dwivedi works at the University of Lucknow as a security guard and struggles to make end meets for his family of five.

But Surya Kant’s feeble economic conditions didn’t stop him from encouraging his son to pursue a career in the most beloved job in the Indian society. He supported his son’s ambition morally as well as economically as much as he could. Even after the results were declared, it was difficult for the whole family to believe that their youngest son has achieved such a great milestone in life.

It took time for Kuldeep Dwivedi to explain to his family what it meant to rank in the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). He is youngest of three brothers and a sister, wanted to become a Civil Servant since he was a child.

Kuldeep Dwivedi graduated in 2009 from Allahabad University and completed his post graduation in 2011. He has proved that hard work is not dependent on circumstances and keeping faith in the most important ability. His success is a shining example of determination and single-minded focus.

Sweta Agarwal – Grocer’s Daughter

This is another heartwarming story of a daughter of a grocer from Bhadreshwar. Sweta Agarwal finally realised her dream of becoming an IAS officer by securing the 19th rank in the UPSC examination in 2015. Her story of struggle is filled with overcoming multiple odds ranging from gaining basic education facilities to becoming one of the top 3 women toppers of UPSC exam 2015. She explains how despite battling poverty, her parents gave her best of education possible. Sweta is extremely proud of her parents and praises the way they taught her to always serve society.

Sweta Agarwal completed her schooling from St Joseph’s Convent Bandel School. After completing her schooling Sweta graduated in Economics from St Xavier’s College Kolkata.

Sweta Agarwal had cracked the UPSC exams twice before but kept her sights on becoming an IAS officer. Sweta feels proud about joining the Bengal cadre and also thinks that most youngsters are staying away from Civil Services barely thinking that they would be made to serve under political bosses instead of the public.

It is often stated that for a girl from a moderate family, it’s very difficult for parents to support their children’s ambitious dreams. But crossing all boundaries of gender bias, Sweta Agarwal and her family is an example of unconditional hard work and perseverance.


5 Mantra to achieve the SUCCESS in life:

  1. Set your objective
  2. Prepare the plan around it
  3. Put your 100% on the execution of the plan
  4. Stay focus and committed to your plan
  5. Follow the process NOT end result.

One thought on “A Success Story….To Be Born Poor Doesn’t Mean You’ll Always Be Poor

  1. The stories you portraid are indeed motivational and gives strength to fight and keep on going in such harsh conditions that we face in our life at stages.
    One of my friend that has passed UPSC mains 3 times (2016 rank 75, 2017 rank 29, and now 2018 rank 5 all over India) but still not able to become an officer due to events happened in his life like father’s death etc but he is still not letting it go .
    People like you are great fighters

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