life is strange

Life is Strange – if you don’t plan, it will find a way to proceed.  Sometime we leave everything and wait for good things to come on our way, that’s not way to lead the life. If some good things happened to you it’s your luck otherwise life will respond to you the way situations demand and as per your surroundings.

Life is like a blank canvas, it’s up to you how you fill-up the colour in it. You journey of life start with planning, whatever you plan it will come to your way not today but definitely tomorrow.

Life responds to one basis various factors involved in it, the surrounding, how you react to the situation arises, your efficiency to deal with the complexity of the situations.

Whatever you give to the life, it will come back to you in a way or other. How successful is your life is depending on the planning & preparation you do to deal with the situation and complexity of life arises.

There is nothing life success or failure, it’s the amount of result you get depending on you effort to deal with the situations. The better you plan, the most desirable outcome you get out of situations.

The life is a journey, it can’t stop running, it can be forced to move in right direction only with proper planning otherwise it will lead to the way it find the way to.



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