About the Blogs :

“Motivationalclasses” is an effort to bring positive energy in a person and give some amount of confidence and mental toughness to achieve their goal in life. It cover every aspect of life starting from self-improvement to change of life style to achieve the success. “The amount of effort you put in is the amount of results you achieve”.

We offer our services in area:

  • Personality Development Assistance & Improvements
  • Making Awareness on key improvement area
  • Motivation Classes to elevate the confidence
  • Guidance to prepare the plan to set the goal and achieve the success


About the Author :

Welcome to Motivationalclasses. I’m Dinesh Rai, an ardent writer, and a serial blogger. In addition to being the founder of Motivationalclasses, I am also a senior banking professional with extensive experience in Digital Banking platform.

I started Motivationalclasses as a means to empowering positivity and motivations in life of the people to achieve the success in life.

In my quest to publish premier quality, dynamic content; I’m always looking out for passionate guest bloggers, writers and experts on a broad range of topics to bring brand new, out-of-the-box perspectives for our followers.

To contribute please connect on twitter on email on dineshrai123@gmail.com

Author : Dinesh Rai ( A Senior Banking Professional and Motivational Blogger)